Swimming Drills

Freestyle Drills:

  1. 3 Count Pause Drill
  2. Catch Up Drill
  3. Shark Drill
  4. Fingertip Drag
  5. Freestyle Finishing Drill
  6. Fists Drill: Freestyle
  7. Bear Paw
  8. GOLF
  9. Using Hand Paddles to Check Hand Entry & Exit
  10. More coming soon

Backstroke Drills:

  1. Right Arm & Left Arm Only: Backstroke
  2. Backstroke Rotation Drills with a Cup on Your Head
  3. More coming soon

Breaststroke Drills:
Coming Soon

Butterfly Drills:
Coming Soon

Kicking Drills:

  1. Flutter Kick On Your Side
  2. Kicking With Shoes (perfect for retired running shoes)
  3. Vertical Kicking
  4. More coming soon

Body Balance:

  1. Floating: All Strokes
  2. More coming soon

Rotation Drills:

  1. Backstroke Rotation Drills with a Cup on Your Head
  2. Coming Soon

Drills to Feel The Water Better:

  1. Sculling on stomach: hands up front
  2. Fists Drill

Open Water Simulation Drills:
Coming Soon

Triathlete Drill Series:

  1. Triathlete Drill Series (All Levels)

Video Tips:

  1. Sighting
  2. Using Corkscrew to See the Field
  3. More coming soon!

4 replies

  1. Definitely gonna use your drills, Thank you so much for sharing

  2. This is a real value. Thanks for helping the water novices!

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